Secondary Education

Apollo Advisory Program

  • Begins in the fall for 8th and 12th-grade students
  • Begins in the spring for 11th-grade students. Register at
  • Features monthly sessions around topics like financial aid, college selection, essays, etc.

College Expedition

College Expedition is an initiative to enable our community to pass on generations of knowledge and experience in the college decision and application process. At College Expedition, we empower participants by guiding them on considerations in choosing a college, the college application process, essay-writing and standardized testing, and financial aid. 


College is an important investment to help improve the overall quality of not only the student’s life but also their families, which contributes to improvements in quality of life globally. The cost of education, however, should not be a barrier for talented and outstanding candidates of the Jamat to access high quality university education at accredited institutions.

Below is some additional information for families to access funding for higher education.

EFAS Scholarship

  • 50% Grant / 50% Loan scholarship
  • For 12th graders attending a 4-year university or students transferring from junior or community colleges
  • Application period is December to March, annually

For more information on all available Scholarship options, please visit the.Ismaili .

Financial Aid Resources

AKEB has created scholarship lists and a financial aid tracker for your use. The goal of this document is to have all of your financial aid resources in one place and to keep track of all of the funding sources you apply to. You can easily download this file and start using immediately!

Secondary Newsletter

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11th & 12th Grade: Preparing for College

Additional Resources

For a more ideas on daily schedules, snacks, parenting tips, mindfulness tips, resource and activity recommendations, roadmaps to college, and more, please visit here.


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