Early Childhood Development

Selecting an ECD Center – Sessions & Resources

Please see some useful resources below to best assist you with your search needs. 

  • ECD Violations Search Website bit.ly/violationsearch
    Search for a daycare to see if they are following state of Texas’ safety regulations.
  • Texas Child Care Financial Aid Infohttps://www.childcareaware.org/state/texas/
    Checking out the financial assistance section to see what assistance programs are offered locally.
  • AKEB External ECD Checklisthttps://bit.ly/ECDChecklist
    Refer to this checklist to determine the right Preschool for your child

Selecting A High Quality Early Learning Center

This webinar walks you through a checklist to help you evaluate early childhood education centers. Explores important topics such as:

  • What is an Early Learning Center?
  • What does research say about the importance of quality early childhood education ?
  • Quality ECD Checklist

Webinar in English

Webinar in Farsi

Webinar in Gujrati

Center Details

CenterEmail Address
Clear Lakeclecdc350@gmail.com
College Stationecdc.collegestation@gmail.com
Harvest Greenhgecdc@gmail.com
Houston Headquarter – 3 to 6 yearsecdchq@gmail.com
Houston Headquarter – Birth to 3 yearsHqecdcb23@gmail.com
Houston PrincipalEcdcprincipal@gmail.com
San AntonioEcdcsanantonio@gmail.com


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